Sun. Aug 1st, 2021


This category is for posts that are considered educational. They can be parts of our history, mythology, traditions and practices, or the Gods.

EbuvIFY_d~2 The Death of Baldr 6 min read
Gather around brothers and sisters for I have another tale. For this is the tale of a great loss that will affect us all. For this is the tale of a trick truly foul and a seemingly harmless plant. This is the tale of Baldr’s death. For it seemed that... Read More
Image of Norse wolves Skoll and Hati chasing Sol and Mani Skoll And Hati 4 min read
Today we are going to talk about the wolves Skoll and Hati. There isn’t much known about them as they are only mentioned in passing. However, its best believed that they are the children of Fenrir. These two wolves chase the sun (Sol) and the moon (Mani) across the sky... Read More