Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Escape Your Own Mortality!

  1. Firstly my biggest sympathy with the passing of your daughter, Alyssa. A hard topic to talk about: your mortality. Since getting into ONP I am less frightened of death, I believe that we move into the next realm no doubt about it There is more. Do one person or being die so that another can live? My brother died in an airplane crash he was 21. When my husband died the person who came for the funeral arrangements had the exact names and surname as my brother and he also had blonde hair. The 300+ elephants that died in Botswana: they died so that others could live. Stressed environment, over population, nature intervened.
    No machines should keep me alive and I made myself clear on this. My husband was on machines for 4 weeks and in a coma it was very stressful for us. Greetings from South Africa Erna??

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