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3 Norse warriors coming togetherThe idea here is to give you a little background on who Old Norse Paganism is and what we are about. Thus the About Us page.

No matter what your background or previous experience with any religion, if any type of church, we hope that with Old Norse Paganism you will experience the unconditional love and freedom that comes from knowing the Gods and being known in personal, honest relationships with the Norse Gods and your fellow Norseman and women.

The bottom line is this: Life can be hard. But the more we anchor our lives in the teachings and lessons of the gods the more we’ll experience the life the Gods Intended for us.

It’s said that music is like magic, it has the power to heal, make you love, make you relax, and feel at peace within just a few minutes. A song that makes a community out of individuals, calls a crowd to a higher purpose and defines who they are. This is our song, listen to it loudly!

We have found this to be true about the Norse Gods, Norse Religion, and Norse traditions. It’s in the Norse Mythology and stories, we hear their messages of love that brings us together, gives us a purpose worth living for and essentially defines both who we are and what we’re about.

That’s not to say we’ve arrived – in fact, far from it – but that’s at least the direction we’re heading – and we want to bring some friends with us as we make the journey down our path.

Our Mission

Old Norse Paganism is a modern Norse religious community and organization, also known as ONP, seeks to improve the religious well-being and Is to provide a home to like-minded people in order to continue making a difference, as inspired by the myths, traditions, practices, and Gods/Goddesses of the Norse.

Norse AlterOur Story

For years I’d (Richard Bishop) been a part of numerous Norse groups on an assortment of social networks. Never really satisfied with what they had to offer or how they were operated. And it was a struggle for me to feel like I was truly a part of a group of like-minded Norsemen.

It was with that, that Id decided it was time to bring true meaning to being a Norse Practitioner and practicing the Norse Religion. It was then that I began building Old Norse Paganism (ONP), and it all started on Facebook. And over the last few months, it has become this which you have before you today.

Old Norse Paganism has taken on a life of its own. Of course, it is 100% the result of the Norse Gods giving their blessing and for that, I am truly blessed and feel as though I have been touched by the Norse Gods to bring my brothers and sisters together.

Our Core Values

Our core values define who we are. They are shown with the way we handle our daily lives and how we move forward from one day to the next. Below is a list of our core values, but if you want to know more about them you will need to visit our “Core Values” page.


We Are Nonprofit

We are a Norse nonprofit religious community. We study the Norse culture, Norse mythology, Norse practices, Norse history, Norse traditions and more striving to share it with others. As a nonprofit, everyone that works for Old Norse Paganism does so as a volunteer. They dedicate their time, sometimes their money, their love of the gods for the greater good, bringing people together with and through the Gods.

Unfortunately, doing this takes money, volunteers, and other various donations to keep it all running smoothly. If your a Norseman/Norsewoman or not if you feel compelled to help be it any of the ways we are looking for help, we ask that you please do so. We can’t do this alone and we know we will earn your support through dedication and sheer will power to make this site and organization a success.

Get Involved

Throw an Axe

Not ready to become a member just yet, but want to help in some way?

There are several options. You can make monetary donations if you choose to or if you happen to have some Norse related E-books that you want to donate to our library. Or if your good with WordPress, and want to donate some sort of service that will help that would be awesome as well. The choice is yours as to where or if you help!

For More Information go to our “Get Involved” page.

Join The ONP Tribe

Pick up your Axe, report to the front lines as a Proud Norse Pagan. Join us here at Old Norse Paganism to continue walking your path with true friends and family that will help you every chance they get. Share in our knowledge, experience, and the traditions of our ancestors.

Simply, go to the “Membership Registration” page and get registered to become a member of our amazing community today.

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