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Core Values

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At Old Norse Paganism our core values define who we are as Norsemen and women. They are shown with the way we handle our daily lives and how we move forward from one day to the next. Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. These are the guiding principles that dictate our behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong.

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We Give, We Don’t Take

By this we mean its a process by which we reach an agreement with each other by giving up something that is wanted. An example would be this website, We have asked for nothing but worked hard to bring this website to you from the hundreds of hours spent building it to buying the domain which houses it and the content developed within its pages. Old Norse Paganism utilizes this to exhibit what it means to truly be Norse with the process of exchanging ideas or comments.

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It’s our goal to grow not only our Norse Pagan community or Viking community or whatever you choose to refer to yourself as but to grow in our relationships with the Gods of the Old and each other. The members of this site and community represent a single life that has been touched and blessed by the gods, and one another in some way and that is far more valuable than anything any of us here at Old Norse Paganism could ever hope for!

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Lead By Example

We’ve seen just how powerful it can be to lead by example. Look at how Old Norse Paganism has become what it has today. We’ve gone from a simple Facebook group to a full-blown Norse Religious organization. But what happens when you don’t follow this rule? How does your team feel when you tell them to do one thing, and then you do the exact opposite? There is more to it than just saying “Hey I’m Norse!”, really… Prove it and that’s what we all strive to do every day and walk the walk.

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• To carry into action deliberately
• To obligate or bind
There are a number of other meanings for the word but those are the ones that touch our hearts. They are what drives our mission of always seeking wisdom while sharing what we have learned already. For us, this also plays into us leading by example and educating our audience, you with the history, traditions, practices, rituals, culture, and lifestyle of the Norse and our Gods.

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For us here at Old Norse Paganism the truth being embraced means having an unwavering faith in the history and Norse mythology of our nordic ancestors. We truly believe in the saga’s, the edda’s, and other historical documents, records, and stories passed down from our ancestors for centuries. Now because we believe so firmly in our Norse history and are here to celebrate in the gods and goddesses we will never post anything that we know a lie or false information.

Inspirational poster - Dare to Soar


For us Dare to soar means its okay to be different, to put the gods before anything else regardless of what others may think. We at Old Norse Paganism know that it’s about the gods and try to exhibit that through our daily lives and share that with you. We have come together to share in the love of our gods as we learn their lessons, ways, and those of our ancestors, always seeking wisdom as Odin did.

To find out more who Old Norse Paganism is sure to look at our About Us page. It will give you more details that you won’t find here on the core values page.

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