Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

ONP Team

The existence of Old Norse Paganism would be possible without the entire team here at Old Norse Paganism. It is the entirety of this team that we in our short time span of forming have accomplished the things we have. We’ve had many successes and a few failures along the way but every member of this team knows that without failures there can be no successes. For us, each failure is an opportunity to learn. We pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and keep moving forward every day for a better community.

This page was created for a couple of reasons. One is to give you an opportunity to get to know who we are as people. The other is to pay homage to the members of the Old Norse Paganism team and its team members.

Each member is listed below and each of our team members has their name in their favorite colors. You can also see each of the social network profiles that they have as well as an email address linking directly to them in the event that you need to speak with one of them.

Richard L. Bishop Jr. 

Founder / Owner

Old Norse Paganism founder Richard Bishop

ᚱᛁᚲᚺᚨᚱᛞ ᛚ. ᛒᛁᛋᚺᛟᛈ ᛃᚱ.

Richard is a 43-year-old US Army Veteran who also is a proud Norse Pagan. Richard has been practicing Norse Paganism for 15+ years. He lives and breathes his Norse beliefs, practices, and traditions every day. Being Norse in Richard’s opinion is more than a choice, for him its a way of life.

Richard holds 2 BAS Degrees, one of which is for Computer Science. It’s primarily been Richard who built this website from design to finish. In Richard’s mind, it will never be finished as there are always new features, updates, and modifications that will need to be made.

Richards second, BAS is in Culinary Arts He is a Certified Executive Chef through the American Culinary Federation (ACF). and another in Culinary Arts. Richard’s passion for food and cooking nearly rivals the love of his religion and culture.

Availability – Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 12 PM CST

Tonya J. Bishop

Content EditorTonya J. Little Old Norse Paganism Team Member

ᛏᛟᚾᚤᚨ ᛃ. ᛒᛁᛋᚺᛟᛈ

Tonya is a 23-year-old mother of 2 beautiful children, one boy, and one girl. Tonya has faced many struggles at a young age that most won’t ever face. But that same struggles is what has helped her to become the woman she is today.

She lives each day at the moment and strives to take a step forward every day without looking back. She has been surrounded by Norse culture her whole life and feels very at home with Norse culture, gods, and the lifestyle of being Norse.

Tonya spends her free time with family, watching movies, and playing video games. She is currently playing Zelda Majoras mask through again! She is also a big music buff and like most genre’s.

she always does the best she can with everything she does.

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