Mon. Jul 6th, 2020


This category is for posts that are considered educational. They can be parts of our history, mythology, traditions and practices, or the Gods.

Image of Norse wolves Skoll and Hati chasing Sol and Mani Skoll And Hati 4 min read
Today we are going to talk about the wolves Skoll and Hati. There isn’t much known about them as they are only mentioned in passing. However, its best believed that they are the children of Fenrir. These two wolves chase the sun (Sol) and the moon (Mani) across the sky... Read More
Good morning everyone. No one really knows what the word “dwarf” and its cognates originally meant, but there’s no indication that it had anything to do with a small stature, a characteristic which is never mentioned in ancient descriptions of these beings. The dwarves are pitch-black in appearance and live... Read More
Love Beyond Blood 9 min read
Hello again everyone! Thor and Heimdall what do they share in common? What facts about them both, that are not widely shared? What does that have to do with love? Well, let’s focus on one at a time. Let’s focus on Thor. First of all, do you know who Thor’s... Read More
Hand of Humbleness 7 min read
Hello again everyone! This post I would like to discuss a subject that is not talked about much in the Norse faith. That is being humble. Where in the world, in the Norse legends or sagas you ask? Well, let us take a look at the mighty God Tyr! For... Read More
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