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Community Standards

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Sadly like any other group or community organization, we have to have member rules. There are a number of reasons we have to have them and that said if you would like to know why a specific rule is in effect or discuss a rule please email our Help Team and we’d be happy to discuss it with you. You can find each member of the management team with a brief profile and contact information on the “ONP Team Page”. Contact one of us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Follow the Old Norse Paganism rules to the best of your ability at all times. If you think a post or the way that you speak to someone may be a violation of the rules there are 3 options.
a. Don’t make the post or comment.
b. Send an Admin or Moderator a private email about said post and or comment before posting or making it.
c. Make your post or comment and understand that if an Admin or Moderator determines it to be a violation of the rules the post and or comment will be removed.

We do not want to remove anyone from Old Norse Paganism, however, if our hands are forced due to rule violations we will take the necessary actions. You will be notified by a private message of the infraction that has occurred and what actions will be taken to prevent this from happening in the future.

1. 18+ Only When you complete your membership request you must complete all fields in the application. Proof of age is now required for all new members.
1-A. You must submit a photo ID that is current and shows your name, Date of Birth (DOB), and a Photo. Please black out all other information as we do not need or want this information for proof of age. This policy is to aid in the protection of all Old Norse Paganism members, and staff. While we understand this policy may be a process it is to protect you.

2. ENGLISH ONLY! When commenting and posting use English! If we as admins are unable to interpret what’s being said in a post or comment it will be removed and or declined.

3. We are firm believers in FREEDOM OF SPEECH, however, that is not a license to purposely be a dick and be rude, hateful, discriminating prejudice, sexist, bigot, or etc. here in the group. You can voice your opinion through your posts and comments without being disrespectful or exhibiting any of the ugly behaviors listed above.

4. No bashing anyone for any reason! We Are Here To Honor Our Gods, Learn more about Norse traditions, practices, culture, lifestyle, Gods, Goddesses So if it’s not how you view something, scroll past it, ask questions, be willing to discuss things, or just listen, you might even learn something new!

5. STAY ON TOPIC. This group is for Norse Pagans and about our Norse religious beliefs, practices, rituals, traditions, myths, gods, history, and so on. If your post or comment has nothing to do with Norse Paganism, it will be removed!

6. NO Nude or Pornographic pictures, photographs, memes, videos, etc. will not be tolerated, and do not be asking for money in any capacity!!!

7. DO NOT BLOCK/IGNORE admins or moderators, ever! There will be no exceptions made for any reason. If you violate this rule you will be removed from the community.

8. Heathen So Act Like it! We are all adults and practicing Heathens, Norse, Pagans, Vikings, or whatever you choose to refer to yourself as we have a shared belief. That said, act like adults! If you have issues with the content posted and shared here refer to rule 3. If you don’t like something discussed, posted, or what someone says then turn it off, meaning block said person who hurt your feelings, and your problem is solved. Now again that does not give anyone the right to be purposefully rude and disrespectful. However, at the same time, I can say if you generally find the content shared here to be offensive, your too sensitive, and maybe you should look for another place to share in your beliefs.
We as admins will generally see everything posted or shared, and we might miss something for a short time but inevitably we see everything sooner or later. If we see something like this we will deal with it accordingly. In the event, we do miss something and you want to bring it to our attention please feel free to do so. We are Norse, Heathens, act as such, but if a situation arises and you must, bring a matter to our attention, send a private email to our Help Team!

9. NO ADVERTISING, PROMOTIONS, OR SPAM without prior consent must be obtained from the admin/mod team before submitting a post to advertise or promote a product, service, anything, or anyone. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.

10. NOT FOR DATING We are not a dating site, group, or community! While we do realize that chance meetings happen, if so, (you do so at Your Own Risk)! As for the group as a whole or the admins and mods do not and will not take any responsibility for the outcomes that may occur from such actions.

11. LADIES OR MEN If you are harassed sent unwanted pictures that are sexual in nature please send an email to [email protected] immediately. We will deal with the issue in haste.
We are all adults so please Follow Our Rules!! Lastly, remember you are on the, so anything you post or comment on or share will be out there forever, so use caution with what you do online.
As a member of the group you have agreed to the above rules and should you break them take you punishment or consequences like an adult. We will not accept the I didn’t read them or see that.


For questions comments or concerns please use the contact form on our Contact Us page.

All rules are subject to change as needed. We will try to post a notification should the rules need to be changed, but cannot promise this will always be the case as we have lives, families, and jobs outside of this group. It’s your responsibility to make sure your up to date on the rules.
From: THE ADMIN TEAM 02/28/2020

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