Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

O.N.P. Volunteer Policy

O.N.P. Volunteer Policy

“Great leaders don’t always set out to be a leader….they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role-always about the goal.”

Hello fellow volunteers! This post is meant to reaffirm what it means to be a volunteer here with Old Norse Paganism. First I’d like to remind us all of the O.N.P. Core Values and the Nine Noble Virtues:

Our Core Values:

*We Give, We Don’t Take

*We don’t maintain, we multiply

*Lead by example

*We courageously commit

*We embrace the truth

*It’s not about us, it’s about the Gods


The Nine Noble Virtues:


~Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to keep going despite your fear.


~The truth will always come to light. Strive to be a truth-teller, even when it’s uncomfortable.


~Honor doesn’t come from what we have, it comes from what we give.


~Faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief. Demonstrated by continued loyalty and support.


~Discipline is a skill. Work to fight your own laziness, self-doubt, and temptation. Focus on the long term instead of immediate gratification.


~Be friendly and generous to guests, visitors, and strangers alike.

Self Reliance

~The reliance on one’s own powers and resources rather than those of others.


~In whatever you do, strive to be hard-working, devoted, and diligent.


~The continued effort to achieve something despite any difficulties, failure, or opposition.



-As volunteers, we are often the first impression that people have of O.N.P. We need to act accordingly. Align yourself with the above-mentioned core values and follow the Nine Noble virtues always. It should be noted that regardless of the platform we are on, volunteers are expected to adhere to all community standards, rules, and guidelines at all times.

-Some of us are new to the Norse Pagan faith. We need to accept that there are plenty of people who know more than we do about Norse Paganism. Be humble and honest. It is okay to say, “I’m not sure, I’m still learning but I will try to help you find an answer!”

-Absolutely no politics! This is not a new O.N.P. rule. If someone wishes to discuss politics during an O.N.P. sanctioned event (ex. TikTok or Instagram live streams) kindly remind them of this policy.

-We are Heathen, not assholes. While the occasional “cuss” word may slip out, as sometimes happens with adults, let’s not let foul or vulgar language be the forefront of our vocabulary.

-Remember the goals of O.N.P. We are here to help others grow in their Norse Pagan faith. In doing so, I’m sure we will grow as well!

May the Gods bless and keep you always!!


**These policies may be changed or added to as the need arises. We will try to notify you of any said changes. But it never hurts to take initiative and read over these every once in a while. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me! You may reach me at [email protected] or find me on Instagram at @mcott5, or if you’re a part of the O.N.P. Discord server…I am Bear!

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