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Old Norse Paganism provides Norse community programs and services for all Norsemen, women, children, and teens. We rely on you our readers and community to get involved whether you make private donations and gifts to help us meet our mission to impact fellow Norse with a community of brothers and sisters for social interaction, education, information, and help grow their relationships with the Gods.

Your gift, no matter its size, will go a long way to help our Norse family members, friends, and neighbors remain connected and strong with the Gods when challenged by day to day events. You may direct your gift to support this website, events, contests, E-books. or volunteer services.

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the important work of Old Norse Paganism. You may choose to make a monetary contribution with several options available, gift an E-Book, gift products or services (we are in need of), volunteer which has many options as well, or if you are a business owner we even have a partner program that has a few options where you can make a difference on behalf of your business.

You have a few options here, and please keep in mind you can set the donation amount to anything you like, with a minimum of $5 due to credit card and processing fees.

  • One Time Contribution
  • Recurring Contribution
  • Leave A Legacy

A one-time Contribution is just that one time. You have the freedom to decide what and when you make the donation, without fear of your credit card being charged inappropriately.

A Recurring Contribution means your essentially starting a subscription. But the best part is that you get to again as with the one-time donation get to decide how much and when. You set the schedule for how much you want to donate.

If you decide you want to donate $10 a week then that’s your commitment, Or if you decide you want to donate $20 a month then that’s your commitment. The choices are endless there is no set frequency or amount. However, if you commit to $20 a month then that is your commitment.

Finally, there is the option to Leave A Legacy. This is a great option for anyone willing to make a lifelong commitment to Old Norse Paganism and its community. After your passing, you’d have a plan in place that will continue making your payments for you and your family’s name.

Gift Level Perks

One Time Contribute

  • Your name will be mentioned in the following month’s newsletter giving recognition to you for your gift.

Recurring Contribution

  • Your name will be entered into the following month’s newsletter
  • A blog post will be made in your honor highlighting your gift the following month.
  • Your name and donation will be placed on the Wall O Gifts

Leave A Legacy

  • Your name will be mentioned in the following month’s newsletter giving recognition to you for your gift.
  • A blog post will be made in your honor highlighting your gift the following month.
  • Your name and donation will be placed on the Wall O Gifts.
  • Will be sent a custom ONP Image Badge that can be placed on any social network and be displayed with pride!


Contribute An E-book

Maybe you have a few Ebooks we don’t currently have in our Digital Library, you could get involved by gifting them to our library. We have been working on developing our E-Library to bring amazing material to our community. While we have a great collection of E-books, there are still many that would fit nicely into our index of e-books.

It’s with these gifts of E-books, like those in our library that help us gain wisdom. Contributing E-books we don’t have in our library will increase our wisdom, thus making them priceless.
We take E-books at any time but ask that you understand until our team reads them to ensure the quality of the e-book we will not be able to post it in the library. This could take some time due to the number of submissions we get.

If you have e-books you’d like to gift you’re welcome to send it directly via email as an attachment to [email protected]

Gift Perks

  • Your name and donation will be placed on the Wall O Gifts
  • Your name and donation will also be put into the following month’s newsletter.

ONP Partnership Program

There is always more than one way to get involved. Do you own a company or business? Do you have a few extra old phones lying around, or maybe that Ipad you just replaced? The fact is we can use those items to do various giveaways to those in need, as well as possibly use them for contests in the future. We are big believers in contests and believe people should be rewarded for their commitments and loyalty.
Maybe you own an SEO company, or a web hosting service, maybe you’re a professional writer? Maybe you own your own reputable website for something and just want to offer us an ad space or a backlink?
All of those things would be beneficial for Old Norse Paganism and the Norse community. Below we give you three opportunities to get involved and get some pretty amazing gifts just for showing your support.

Gift Level Perks

Product Gifts

  • Your name and the gift made will go into the newsletter for the following month.
  • Your name and donation will also go onto the “Wall O Gifts”

Service Gifts

  • Your Name and Service will be announced in the newsletter the following month.
  • Your name and service will go on to the “Wall O Gifts” page.

We currently offer 3 levels of our Partnership Program. Each level was carefully thought out and planned. As you can see from the table below we offer a large number of benefits for you to choose from. Below the table, you will see a detailed list of exactly what can be expected from ONP for each of the benefits listed on the table below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on the phone at (641) 812-2525 or via email

Old Norse Paganism Partner TableX – 1 Occurance     XX – 2 Occurrences     XXX – 3 Occurrences

Benefits in Detail

  • 1 Text Link on ONP Website – This will be a link back to your site in the context of your 200-word description of your products, services, and business.
  • 1 Logo on ONP Website – This comes in the format of your logo on the Partner page that is 200 X 200 pixels.
  • A Spot on the Partner Page – On the partner page you are allowed a 200-word description of your company and products and services.
  • A Partner Logo on the ONP 404 Page – There is a section of the 404 pages dedicated to our partner’s logos
  • 1 Month Free for a 1-year commitment – If you commit to paying for the year in advance you will receive your partner level with a discount of 1 month’s price.
  • 1 Ad On-Site – You will be allotted one ad spot on the site not to exceed more than 3 placements at any given time and the page in which your ad will appear will be random.
  • Sunday Funday Post – You as a partner will be allowed to write and submit one blog post during the ONP Sunday Funday event. (Monthly Event)
  • Name & Logo With ONP On Marketing Materials – This will include things such as ads we place on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube as well as any other marketing sources we utilize.
  • ONP Blog Post Promo – A member of the ONP team will write a post and include a 3 to 5 sentence add about you in the post.
  • Logo on ONP Gear – We will be announcing some gear in an E-store in the near future and your name an logo would be included on an item of our choosing
  • Logo & Backlink on Members Page – Where all of our members are listed there will be an additional member listing there in the form of your business.
  • Logo on ONP Badge – We will custom design a badge and achievement for our members to complete with your company logo to be displayed proudly after its earned.
  • Book Club Partner Verbal Ad – For each of our E-book Club meetings we will give a 10 to 20-second plug about your company and products and services.
  • Have A Voice In Decision Votes – Every decision we make as an organization is done so as a committee and we vote for all decisions. Your voice and opinions will be heard on the subject matter. However, you will not have a vote.
  • Ad in Videos to Promote Partners – This can include up to a 60-second ad in any video produced by ONP. You must provide the Video to be added to our videos.
  • Ad in our Monthly Newsletter –  There is room for up to 3 ad spaces in a given newsletter. The spaces will be offered to the first 3 Partners we have.


  • Partner Site 5 Pages Readability – Readability Testing and Analysis we have software for our own site and we will use it on yours for up to 5 pages. Each additional page will be $15.
  • Email Hosting Unlimited (FREE) for the first 90 days – To get this you must sign a 1yr contract. After your FREE 90 Day period, there is an upcharge with the exception of the Steel Member.


Select your Partnership Level




Iron Partnership

Iron Partnership 1





Bronze Partnership

Bronze Partnership 1





Steel Partnership

Steel Partnership 1




We have many opportunities for volunteers. Volunteering comes in numerous shapes, sizes, and formats. We have several openings available for volunteers, from columnists to graphics designers, and much more. For more information on the current openings for volunteers please visit the “Volunteer” page. If you don’t see something there, but would like to volunteer in that way send an email to our Volunteer Department.

Want to get involved? We’ve got many different ways you can do something fun and meaningful to help Old Norse Paganism and the Norse community, bring people closer to the gods and make a positive impact on others. We promise friendly faces and encouragement to know you’re making an impact worldwide.

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde

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